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"We provide our clients with sound tax planning and consulting at affordable rates."

Okay, so you have to pay taxes in Canada. But, why pay more than you have to? Why not have a professional prepare your tax return and assist you in future tax planning?  


The objective of tax planning is to minimize or defer taxes payable. Individuals are given the opportunity to organize their financial affairs in the most beneficial way possible within the rules of the Income Tax Act.

Many Canadians do not give much thought to tax planning until it is time to file their tax returns. However, with proper tax planning throughout the year we will save you the most money at tax time. 

Investment plans, savings, and retirement funds are just a few ways to reduce and defer taxes payable. Meet with us to discus your needs and goals. We can help you plan for your future.


  The easiest way to file your taxes

Simply drop off your documents during office hours and a Tax Expert will call you to complete your tax return and discuss next steps.

Fill out the forms below and gather your slips and receipts using this tax checklist. You’ll need your identification when you drop everything off. Our Tax Experts will contact you for a brief interview and schedule a time to review your completed return.

second look.jpg

                        SECOND LOOK

Ford City Financial believes every taxpayer should receive the maximum tax refund they are entitled to or pay minimum taxes.

  • If you or someone else prepared your return, we will be pleased to review to see if we find any differences.

  • We review your current or prior year tax returns to ensure you claimed all the deductions and credits you were entitled to.

Personal Tax Returns
  1. Comprehensive professional tax preparation services

  2. Very competitive rates.

  3. EFILE

  4. We will help you find all deductions available

  5. Reduce taxes payable

  6. Are you elligible for GST/CTB or Trillium benefits?

Tax Planning and Strategies
  1. Tax planning occurs throughout the year.

  2. Approximately30-50% of your hard earned money goes to taxes!

  3. Let us help you keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket!

Unpaid and Back Taxes
  1. Do you have unpaid taxes?

  2. Have you not declared all your income? 

  3. Have you deducted ineligible expenses?

  4. Was your tax return filed incorrectly?

  5. If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you!

Receive a Severance Package?
  1. Have you received a severance package?

  2. Let us protect your severance pay from taxes.

  3. We can provide important financial planning for your future.

Child and Spousal Support
  1. As a payor you may be eligible to claim deductible support payments.

  2. As a recipient you may or may not have to report it as taxable income.

  3. It is crucial for you to understand what your rights and responsibilities are.

  4. Let us help you to understand your rights.

Need to file Back Tax?
  1. Are you facing a tax audit? Don’t let back taxes be a pain. We can help you defend back tax reassessment claims by the CRA, get your back taxes done quickly and alleviate negative financial consequences. You can count us for all your back tax requirements.

Fees for Income Tax Preparation

The following fees are estimates only. For an actual upfront quote please contact our office.

"Basic" return means a tax return with no business or rental income, no capital gains or loses and up to 12 tax slips.

Out-of-town clients pay the cost of shipping documents to and from our office in Windsor, Ontario.

We provide delivery service in Windsor and surrounding area. Call our office for details. 

All prices are in Canadian dollars, tax included.

Sample Approximate fees:

  • Basic Canadian T1 return: $60 (Single), $110 (Couple)

  • Prior-year tax return adjustment, correcting for additional tax slips $40

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