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Corporate, Self-Employed, Rental Property  Services

Our Small Business services can maximize your deductions and grow your bottom line. We strive to ensure that on average our prices are lower than other tax service providers, to offer greater value for you and your business. Advising on taxes and helping you understand your reporting and installment deadlines, we'll customize a service plan to fit your business goals and your budget. To get the most out of your return, we offer services that are:


Ford City Financial small business bookkeeping and accounting services are very reasonably priced, and add a lot of value. Contact our office for an estimate.


For over 10 years, Canadian small businesses have trusted Ford City Financial for income tax preparation and financial statements.


Ford City Financial offer one-stop shopping for your small business bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs. It makes owning a small business that much easier.

Available year-round

Our office is open to serve your tax and accounting needs any time of year. Rain, shine or snow, our dedicated team is ready to help your small business.

Payroll Services

We provide payroll services for small businesses, self-employed, not-for profit and corporations.

  • Issuing cheques and direct deposit for employees

  • Calculate Payroll Deduction and contribution, including CPP, EI, Income Tax, WSIB premiums.

  • Manage your pay period and year-end processes, including T4, T5 and ROE forms.

  • Payroll remittances to government agencies.

  • Keeping employee records, storing HR files

  • Employment letters, termination letters, and other similar communications.

  • Prepare and distribute Records of Employment

  • Prepare, distribute, and file T4s with the CRA.

  Fees for Income Tax Preparation


All prices are in Canadian dollars, tax included.

Use this handy checklist to organize all the information you'll need to do your business income tax.

  • T2 Corporate return (financial statements completed and provided by client): $350.00

  • Self-Employed return (one business statement completed and provided by client): $110.00. 

  • Rental income return (one rental statement completed and provided by client): $110.00

  • GST/HST reports: $40.00

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