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Through our own personal experiences as well as dealings with our clients, there’s not many people out there who enjoy dealing with CRA. So let us do that for you!

What Is CRA Account Management?


CRA accounting management includes everything relating to your federal corporate, personal, GST and payroll; it also includes information returns that can be found within your CRA accounts. There are different accounts for both your personal and your business. We can walk you through how to set these accounts up, how to navigate through them and how to allow our firm to become representatives. This would allow Ford City Financial to act on your behalf with the CRA.


What Can We Do For You?


We can take over all of your interactions with the CRA. This includes speaking to and dealing with CRA on your behalf – regarding any account related issues – and the management of all your accounts. Specifically, we will manage all of your monthly, quarterly or annual GST filing, instalments and payments as well as monthly, quarterly payroll filing and remittances. We will also prepare and file all annual T4 slips for all staff, and any T5 slips for shareholders. Finally, we can also assist with and manage your ROE account for filings for past employees. 

These are all generally a big stressor for most business owners, so we are more than happy to take on that burden so you can focus on more important business matters! Contact us today!

 That’s where we come in! With our extensive experience focusing on small businesses, we can walk you through all the possible business expenses that can be used to reduce your tax owing balance. 

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