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Income Tax Preparer

We require a Seasonal Tax preparer to assist us during tax season.

You will be responsible for preparing various tax returns of different levels of complexity. Furthermore, you will be communicating with client on tax issues surround personal taxation.

Duration: February to July 31

Your duties will consist of the following:

* Conducts a thorough client interview.

* Thoroughly explains the appropriate procedure and flow of the client's chosen service and the benefits of each service   offered.

* Accurately inputs all client information into the tax preparation computer and file returns.

* Correctly completes all applicable paperwork for client’s chosen service.

* Answers and researches to completion of all tax questions.

* Increases tax knowledge continuously.

* Fulfills all office administrative requirements including clearing out returns on hold and fixing rejects.

* Acts as the receptionist when one is not scheduled.

Contract length: 6 months

Job Types: Part Time, Temporary, 20hrs per week

Salary: $18.00 to $20.00 /hour

Start Date: March 1

Financial Planner

We're building a new team!

Begin your career in the financial advisory business by joining a firm and becoming part of a team that helps clients prepare and achieve their financial goals. In this entry-level role, you will help support the financial advisors in the firm, obtain your life insurance, investment licenses, and learn the business with hand-on training and mentoring from experience advisors and firm owners.

If you want to become a financial planner, you will need to study and pass some exams. This position is great for someone who likes to work their own hours at their own pace. We will provide training all you have to do is be willing to learn. Pay is commission based, you control your income. We will set up Zoom conference call if your suitable for this job.

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Windsor ON, Canada
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